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In later years, at Family gatherings for Thanksgiving, a yearly holiday project was planned and created. Friends of the family loved our ideas and begged for one of their own. Out of this fun, yearly get together and family project, grew the idea for a "Family Store" where all the talents of this family may be seen and purchased. Over the years, as the family grew, the talents were passed on and the arts of the offspring may be seen here as well.

A Unique Place Where All Merchandise is Handcrafted by Family Members.

"Our gifts are not limited to that once a year project, but offer you may choices regardless the season."

Items crafted from Driftwood and Country Cloths -

Floral Arrangements designed from everlastings and things from nature

For the Angert family of 13 children, raised in a coal mining town in Western Pennsylvania, gathering for holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions always provided the challenge of finding a special and unique gift. The true talents of this family really started to shine through as everyone always tried to out-do the other by creating a handcrafted gift. The Angert children began designing, sewing, and sculpting these gifts from a very early age.